Medina City Schools Foundation


The Medina City Schools Foundation was established in 1984 to support and enhance learning opportunities for the students in the Medina City School District. The Foundation is a private organization, not directly affiliated with the school board or the school administration. It is incorporated under Ohio laws as a non-profit organization and is funded by fund raising events and private donations.

The vision of the Medina City Schools Foundation is through its members we will be strong advocates for ensuring that the students of the District have the necessary resources and programs to prepare them for a successful future.

  • The Foundation will directly support students by providing funds for unique learning experiences and innovative programs, while simultaneously supporting worthy education programs with a proven track record of meeting student needs.
  • The Foundation will work in collaboration with the Medina City Schools to secure the financial resources necessary in order to realize the Foundation’s vision.
  • The Foundation will engage the community in its efforts to support the aims and goals of the Medina City Schools.

Read more about the Foundation in our Annual Report….

2014-15 MCSF Annual Report  &  2014-15 MCSF Annual Report Middle Insert


The Medina City Schools Foundation advocates excellence in education by funding  programming and scholarships in collaboration with the Medina City Schools.

For questions contact the Foundation at 330-636-3122 or