The Joyce B. Ebner Volunteer Tutoring Center is located at Medina High School and has provided free tutoring to MHS students for more than 30 years.  Students can be tutored in any of the Math, Science, History, Language Arts and Foreign Language courses.  Students needing assistance with a subject are paired with a peer during their corresponding study halls and will meet two to three times per week. On a typical day, nearly 200 students pass through the center. There is also a Math Lab in the Tutoring Center where a math teacher is available to help students in a small group setting.  After-school tutoring is also offered to students at both Root and Claggett Middle Schools.   


For more information contact us at

Carolyn Grenfell (above right), Director of the Tutoring Center.  For any questions regarding the Tutoring Center, contact her at or  330-636-3258.   Click here to download the form to request a tutor.

Students that provide tutoring receive service hours that can be used towards school clubs and outside service organizations. The tutors provide not only academic assistance but are also wonderful role models. Many students who receive tutoring during their freshman and sophomore years of high school, become tutors themselves during their junior and senior years.

The Tutoring Center strives to create an environment where students feel safe and comfortable.  Throughout the school year there are various activities to reward the students, culminating at the end of the year when we grant two $500 scholarships to student tutors to help offset their college expenses. Click here to access the scholarship information.