Art 1.11 Scholarship-Recipient must be pursuing education in an art related field at either a two or four year college or trade school, and/or participated in  the Art 1.11 Performance Art Event. Essay: "The impact of Art classes in high school." Essay must be turned in to Mrs. Foy in room 2005 by the application deadline date. Award amount varies.

Logan Boyd's "The Fault in Our Stars" Scholarship- Recipient's must have: 1) Completed Mrs. LoBuglio's ceramics class. 2) Read John Green's The Fault in our Stars or seen the movie. 3) Must be pursuing a higher education (college or otherwise). 4) Donate a ceramics project as part of the application, turned in to Mrs. LoBuglio by application deadline date.  Essay: What did you take away from reading the book or seeing the movie? Award amount is $1,000.

Cups Cafe'- Recipient must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and a minimum of 10 volunteer hours. Essay: Volunteer experience. Award amount is $500

Doermann Cross Country Scholarship- Two scholarships will be awarded, one to a male and one to a female who ran cross country at MHS for at least two years. Financial need is to be considered. Award amount is $1,000 each.

The Entrepreneurial Scholarship- Recipient must be a senior with interest in pursuing a future in small business. Essay: "Why I want to start my own business" or "Why I want to be involved in a small business" to be submitted on Universal Scholarship Application. Award amount is $1,000.

Dennis Gaishauser, D.D.S. Dental/Medical Scholarship- Open to any senior pursuing a medical career, i.e. pre-dental, pre-medical, nursing, physical therapy, etc. Financial need and work ethic considered. Award amount is $1,000.

Letha House Scholarship- In memory of Letha House who established a trust fund in 1963 to assist students in funding college education. Criteria include a 75% academic performance in science, 25% upon an interest in pursuing a career in horticulture or related field of science. Applicant must have attended Medina City Schools for at least five years. Award amount is $1,000.

Karson Scholarship- Past athletic participation, academic achievement, financial need and overall school activity participation will be considered. Award amount is $1,000.

Knights of Pythias Scholarship- This recipient must be college bound with financial need. Must provide Student Aid Report. Award amount is $500.

Barbara & Steve Komjati Scholarship- Recipient must be a college bound senior, preference to Hungarian descent. Essay: "If you know about Hungarian heritage, please state." Award amount is $2,000.

Rita K. Luebke Nursing Scholarship- Recipient must be pursuing/enrolled in a 4-year BSN program. Other criteria include need based and high school achievement. Award amount is $2,000.

​Carol Valeriano- Matozzo Scholarship- In memory of Carol Valeriano Matozzo, who demonstrated a relentless spirit and level of participation in support of Medina athletics during her nine year battle with breast cancer. Recipient must have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher. Preference will be given to an athlete who has dealt with adversity in their lifetime and/or has a parent who demonstrated unending support for their child's coaches and athletic endeavors during their time at MHS. Essay: Write a short (2 page max) essay that describes one of these two situations: (a) describe a hardship that you have experienced in your lifetime and how you and your family dealt with it, or (b) describe the support of your coaches and teams during your time in Medina athletics. Award amount is $500.

Sylvia McQuown Memorial Scholarship- One-year college or vocational scholarship awarded to two senior varsity tennis players. Two scholarships will be awarded, one to a male, one to a female, who have played at least five JV or five varsity tennis matches during their high school career. Candidates must be pursuing college, university, or vocational training. Financial need considered. Award amount is $1,000 each. (4 total)

Medical Mutual of Ohio Scholarship- Recipient chosen based on a combination of economic need and academic achievement. Award amount is $500.

Medina Community Scholarship- Must be a senior is good standing, potential to achieve in chosen field, strong community and school service outside of credited courses and a good school citizen. Two scholarships awarded at $500 each.

​Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship- Recipient must be a minority in the Medina City School District who exemplifies the quality and character of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The recipient shall reflect racial reconciliation; shall possess a non-violent attitude; shall be seeking to further his/her education; shall possess a 2.5 or better cumulative GPA; and shall have overcome personal life obstacles.  Essay: "A dream I have that could improve the world." Award amount varies.

Miracle of Medina Scholarship​- Recipient must have participated in a sport their senior year. Scholarship will be awarded based on financial need, work ethic and character. Award given to an individual who has "never given up in the face of insurmountable odds" and always puts the team above individual honors. Award amount is $1,000.

Whitney Morehead Memorial Scholarship- Priority is given to (1) females pursuing aviation or related field, (2) females pursuing science field, then, (3) male pursuing aviation or related field. A minimum 3.0 GPA is required. Financial need is considered. Essay: "It sincerely is the pondering, curiosity, and wonderment that make life worthwhile." Two scholarships will be awarded for $500 each.

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The Foundation awards more than $40,000 in scholarships each year for the Medina City School District to graduating seniors who meet select academic, community and athletic criteria.

2019 Scholarships will be available February 1- February 24 for Seniors, through the universal online application. A list of the Foundation's scholarships, with their criteria and financial award is provided below for your information. Please read the criteria for each of the scholarships at the time of application. There may be additional information that you are responsible to supply, depending on the scholarship for which you are applying.  Click here to access the application. Thank you & Good luck!