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Helping Us Develop Dedication, Leadership, & Enthusiasm

 HUDDLE was developed by Lisa Roach, formerly of Alcohol & Drug Dependency Services of Medina County, Inc. (ADDS).  The program was originally developed in 1989 in Fremont, Ohio as a result of the need to provide a low-cost prevention program to elementary and high school students district wide.  HUDDLE/SHUDDLE does just that.  While it gives the elementary student (4th grade) positive role models to whom to look up to, it also gives tobacco, alcohol, and other drug-free high school students a leadership opportunity.  The program has existed at Medina High School since 1993.

HUDDLE has undergone tremendous growth over the years due to strong interest shown by the high school students.  Many years ago the program was expanded to St. Frances Xavier School.  In 2002 a major expansion took place with the development of SHUDDLE.  Again because so many fantastic high school leaders were interested in being a part of this program, we were able to offer STILL Helping Us Develop Dedication, Leadership and Enthusiasm to our district’s 6th (now 5th) grade students. 

The program continues to evolve and is evaluated monthly and annually by teachers, students, and teen leaders.  The curriculums are reviewed every year to ensure that the programs are up-to-date and meeting the needs of high school leaders and the younger students they teach.  For example, in 2016-17 the best practice programs GenerationRX and Smart Moves Smart Choices were added to HUDDLE and to SHUDDLE to cover the topic of medicine safety.

For the 2017-18 school year, there are 79 HUDDLE leaders and 75 SHUDDLE leaders providing positive role models and healthy lifestyle lessons in the Medina City School Districts 4th & 5th grade classrooms, as well as St. Francis Xavier’s 4th grade classrooms. 

HUDDLE/SHUDDLE is generously funded by the Medina City Schools Foundation and the Medina County Drug Abuse Commission. 

For questions regarding HUDDLE/SHUDDLE call or email Ron Blue at Medina High School; 330-636-3223 or