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The Foundation provided copies of Wonder to every sixth grader at A.I. Root and Claggett Middle Schools, as part of the Medina County District Library & United Way of Medina County's One Book One Community (below left) and brought in speaker Josh Ochs to raise awareness about social media (below right). 

Music Enrichment Grants 

Guitars at H.G. Blake Elementary (pictured below left) and ukuleles at Fenn Elementary (pictured below right).

Education Grants

Support for the Medina High School Debate Team and for the Medina High School Penguin Bowl, an oceanography trivia competition (pictured below)

​Classroom Grants

The Foundation awards $20,000 annually in classroom grants to reach the goals of:

1. Advance the curriculum goals the Medina City Schools

2. Create new ideas and pilot technology programs

3. Provide resources not available through the district

Click here to download and print an application for a classroom grant.​ Scroll down to see the different types of classroom grants offered.

Innovative Grants

Fifth grade students at Waite Elementary received a 3-D printer for their STEM program.

College Access Program (GAP Grants)

The goal of the Medina City Schools Foundation college access program initiative is to provide the opportunity for every student to obtain higher education. It originated to ensure an adequate supply of qualified workers to sustain economic growth in the community. The elements of MCSFcap are available to all residents of the Medina City School District.