Please consider making Medina City Schools Foundation

your designated charity when you shop on Amazon!  

To setup your Amazon smiles and select a charity, simply follow the 

instructions below: 

1. Sign in to on your desktop or mobile phone browser  

2. From your desktop, go to Your Account and select the option to Change your Charity. Or, from your mobile browser, select Change your Charity from the options at the bottom of the page.  

3. Type in “Medina City Schools Foundation” in the search bar and the click the SEARCH button. 

4. Select “Medina City Schools Foundation for the options. You will receive a message indicating that your charity is Medina City schools Foundation  

5. To ALWAYS support your charity of choice, make certain that you ALWAYS shop at A simple way to do this is to create a bookmark using the instructions below. Please note the links are not live from this page.

Thank you!! 

We appreciate your support!!